Collection of vintage classics

Over time, a lot of old instruments collected together. Only musical characteristics let me choose the one or the other instrument. Well-kept and regularly overhauled saxophones with great and exceptional sound are my favorites.

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Tune Up Studio

Gemütliche Werkstatt mit Musikzimmer und TonaufnahmeraumI clean all instruments very carefully (inside and outside). Pads are replaced (imported from France or USA) old springs are replaced, too. All corks are replaced by High Quality Composite Cork. For weeks I play and test the instruments to adjust all settings and tunings, until I find the best solution.


Prices are indicated transparent. You pay a very very low price for the instrument. In addition the costs for revision, tuning, mouthpiece and service

fair prices

Big Sound

11 vintage saxophone models loved by professionals today (and in the future).

Safe investment

These 11 models are a safe investment. If they are still in good condition in the future

SELMER (4 Models)    CONN (2 Models)

MARTIN (3 Models)     KING (2 Models)




C. G. Conn

Conn New Wonder 
Chu Berry
Conn 8M C-Melody
Chu Berry Transitional

Conn 6M Transitional
Conn 10M Transitional
Conn Standard 6M/10M
Conn Artist 6M / 10M
Ladyface/naked Lady

On order

Conn Connstellation
Conn Connqueror

Selmer Mark VI

All offers


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Super Heroes

Selmer Paris

Super Series
Balanced Action
Super Balanced Action
Early Mark VI


Royal Family


King by H.N. White

King New Series
King C- Melody
King Voll - True II
King Zephyr

King Super 20

Buescher 400
Buescher Aristocrat
140 / 156 (Big B)
Buescher Truetone

All offers



Fat Cat

Legends: Sky-line, searchlight, Lion and Crown,


Martin Handcraft
Handcraft Imperial

Handcraft Committee
Skyline / searchlight
Handcraft Com. II
Lion and Crown
The Martin Alto / Tenor

Martin Magna

Olds Ambassador


On order

Martin Music Man

All offers


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